Article - Are All Boston Limousine Services the Same?

Answer: Absolutely NOT!
While it is true, there are many companies offering Boston Limo services, there are a few key features which sets them apart.
  • Rates - Ok, so this is a no-brainer. On top of the list is rates. Let's face it, if the rates are too high, nothing else matters. Check our rates.
  • Service - Surprisingly, with all the competition in the marketplace, you would think service would be important to limo companies. WRONG. Most limo companies want to do as much business in a day as possible and don't care much about service. It is just a numbers game to them. This is where Advanced Coach really sets itself apart from the other companies. We realized early on that offering great service was our core belief and that this is where we beat all the other Boston Limo firms. Our limousine fleet of late model stretch Lincoln Town Cars offer extended leg room to ensure your trip is comfortable, and our staff is courteous beyond belief.
  • The Little things..OK, service and price are obviously important, but it's the little things which really help make a big difference.

    Owner operated - To many companies, Boston is just another city and a part of a huge company, not the limo companies main concern. Advanced Coach Car is owned and operated by the Roshan family of the Boston area. We take pride in our home city, and it shows. Just ask our many repeat customers.

    GPS - We get you to where you want to go, ON TIME. Our limos all have GPS and you will not miss your flight or appointment.

    Reachability Call us 24 hours a day at:1.800.497.5898.

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